Why Us



We stand for fresh, alternative investment products of the highest quality. Delivered with the utmost integrity. Disciplined, resilient, but relaxed and approachable.



As a boutique, we’re not trying to be all things to all people. We are specialists, not generalists. We focus on what we do best - producing our unique brand of alpha for you.



We love what we do. Fervently driven to do it well. The more we grow as individuals the more wealth we can generate for everyone involved.



Transparency and alignment of interests are the cornerstones of our culture.  We invest alongside you and maintain a significant proportion of wealth within the business.

Your success is our success.




No head-hunters allowed. Our commitment to the success of our clients and therefore our business is real. Our core management team has been together for over 13 years.




Investment decision-makers are only a phone call away - a level of access to not available in the mainstream.


A fresh approach to wealth creation in the financial markets. Like others, our goal is attractive risk-adjusted returns, genuine diversification, and downside protection in market declines.


But that’s where the similarities stop.


We see alternative strategies as the future of investing – a changing of the guard given the evolution of modern markets.


We don’t employ teams of market analysts. We don’t have a complex investment hierarchy.  We see the market for what it is – a collection of upticks and downticks in price that form patterns which repeat themselves.


Our expertise profits from opportunities on equity, fixed income, commodity and currency markets.


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